Angela’s Angels

This year (2013) Angela’s Angels became the ‘new’ team, The Tide changed their name to honor a Woman, Angela, who died recently.  She was hit by a car while running, she was well loved and respected throughout the community, and will be greatly missed by her family friends.  This was Ryan’s (the Captain) way of honoring her memory, thank you Ryan for being so engaged and thoughtful. The shirt color also represents her charity, they changed it to purple.

We were very thrilled to have Ryan Rizzetto ask us if he could captain a team and so he joined the tournament last year.  He was a 2012 Parkland Graduate, and recipient of the Justin Sheftel Memorial Scholarship award. We could not have selected a better candidate for the award and feel so lucky to have him participating this year.   They played well, went to the semis,  had fun and promises to be back for 2014. In 2014 they changed their name to Angela’s Angels, to honor a dear friend of the family and a number of the players who was hit by a car while jogging and died.  Their hearts are as big as their play.  They changed the color of their shirts also to honor her family’s efforts to purple. Looking forward to seeing them again.

Ryan and his team will be returning.  Purple is their color, see how they do this year.  Back for more, looking forward to this year.