We are now Coed,  with sixteen teams; 4 divisions, each team plays three games, winners of the division advance.

2014 we had a  3 x repeat winner, the Young Ones took home the trophy again, they played well through the whole day, met some competition but managed to out score.  The championship game was close for awhile with Kale Sweeney’s – Team America once again in the playoffs.

2015 was a different story, Team Swagger with Chris Morrell as the Captain advanced to the semi’s not their first time to dance here, and Kale Sweeney’s team once again vying for the championship.  Team America won the trophy and  a very happy Captain and team were finally receiving their just rewards.

2016, we had a surprise contender in the final championship game. The Lucky 7’s one of the original teams, co captained by Josh Hermann and Ryan Schmidt, made it to the championship game!  They have not made it to the semi’s before this so they were thrilled and played a good game.  Team America was hot and wanted this second win.  Kale Sweeney with help from his team took the prize again.  Great game and wonderful night.

Some pictures from the  winners:

Come and watch the games, spend the day, root for your team.

2017 was another surprise with SDS Crew going to the final game, a first for them.  Playing against the three time winner Team America.  The game went to extra innings — Team America managed to pull it out. A little bit of a nail biter for all. They continued their run and took 2017.

2018 Team America was the winner again — with some very tough games played to get there.

In 2019 they lost their run of good playing and some of the Team America luck.  There were  exciting games  played in the semi’s to advance the Rebels Reunited, and Joe Journeyman Captained by Mike Miller.  It was a great game very close, Rebels Reunited won; their first win.

2020…Due to Covid  we did not have any games.

2021 was an another exciting year — we were back, with 16 Men’s teams and 2 women’s teams that played each other twice! We had a new winner Luck O’ the Irish, Captained by Mike Jenkins a scholarship winner.  Mike has been playing with some of his friends, since 2017 and he was excited to have team. Due to rain we had the playoffs later in the summer.

In 2022 we had a new winner, St. Luke’s team Captained by Jeff Baker, won!  It was also a close game; last year’s winner was the runner up, Luck O’ the Irish 2021’s winner Captained by Mike Jenkins. Sooo is this our new rivalry, should be a fun year in 2023!

To download the Teams divisions and the schedule click on this link:

Teams Schedule : To be posted

2023 Field Schedule for the day: To be posted