What we do

The Justin Sheftel Memorial Softball Tournament will be celebrating the 15th annual outing. Starting with four teams, from the original Ocean City groups, growing to 16 for 2007, 20 for 2008, and continuing with 22 teams for 2009,  now with 20 for 2019. It has become a popular, fun day to spend and remember Justin the student, classmate, son, cousin, and nephew.

Our Mission Statement: (recently revised 2019)

To celebrate Justin by providing athletic and educational opportunities for underserved youth in the greater Lehigh Valley.

While the venue grows and the community involvement increases all of this has taken place because of the dedication to Justin’s memory and all the tournament really stands for, honoring and remembering their friend.

The Softball Tournament supports the Memorial Fund.  We have awarded scholarships and monies to charities totaling over $450,000, a number that has exceeded our expectations.  Starting in 2006 we awarded two scholarships to Parkland Seniors continuing on to College, each scholarship was $2,500. For 2007 due to the support for both the golf and softball tournaments, we awarded a $5,000 scholarship to two Parkland Seniors. We also participated in Lehigh Valley Miracle League, in Justin’s Honor. In 2008 we continued to support the Lehigh Valley Miracle League, awarded two $7,500 scholarships to Parkland Seniors (for more information on the scholarships click on the tab). Over the years we have continued our support including in the last seven years, support for the Allentown School District’s program the Drive.  This program provides a baseball program for the middle school aged baseball players. The program is thriving and has now included elementary grades in a feeder program.

Over the years we have donated to a number of different charities.  Last year we formed a board of directors. In December we participated in a retreat and develop our mission statement and initiated a strategy. Following the mission statement we have now expanded our reach for scholarships to Allentown Schoo District for both Dieruff and Allen High School, additionally we became focused on specific charities that align with our mission statement. Moving forward we hope to make a difference with these charities and programs in the greater Lehigh Valley.

For more information on our board members and charities go to the tabs.

Charities Link: https://justinsheftel.com/our-charities

Memorial Fund Board:https://justinsheftel.com/lehigh-valley-community-foundation/contact-us