Sea Jays

Sea Jays are captained by Kyle Zinkler and are one of the original 4 teams, members are all old friends of Justin’s that he grew up with playing sports and hanging out, usually causing trouble in the Sheftel’s basement. If you ever want to laugh and hear a good story about Justin, find a member of the Sea Jays.

Winners of the First Annual Softall Tournament in 2005, they will go down in history. They lost in the early rounds of 2006 but bounced back and played well in 2007. Brought some Gusto to the 2008 tournament playing strong and with a lot of heart. 2009, they once again came close to victory and made it all the way to the semis losing a close game against the ‘The Young Ones’.

Thank you for all your support 2011 Champions, .. I think no one was more surprised then they were. They played with such focus and intensity, it was their year. It may have been the new tshirt color, or the sunglasses worn by Eric Zinkler. Will never know for sure. 2012 They played well, but it was not their year to win.

Sea Jays always have fun, people travel from all over to play, 2014 we will have a few married guys on the team  hope it does not slow them down!! More important than wins and losses, The Sea Jays bring great enthusiasm and good vibes on and off the field. They honor the memory of Justin by keeping alive his spirit of competitiveness, but always bring a sense of camaraderie . We are blessed to have them in the tournament.

2015, they showed up and played well, again true players and supporters of the tournament. 2016 SeaJays were back in full swing, but this year the honor for moving ahead went to the Lucky 7’s.  Great team. Looking forward to more years!