SDS Crew

SDS Crew,  a new contender for 2009, what an introduction to the tournament, puddles, wet balls, slippery grass, all the elements to contend with promised to be a challenge.

Some History …They managed to have fun in the 2009 mud bath and agreed to come back, regrouping for 2010. In 2010 their roster expanded to include many more, they had a great time and it seemed like they could not quit smiling and enjoying the day, we are really fortunate to have them in the tournament.

2011, they competed well, had a win and lots of fun.  Brian Shellhammer promises to bring in some new recruits for 2012 it should be interesting. 2012 was interesting, with some new players, a somewhat fluid roster they managed to put it all together and win more than one game and they went to the SEMIs this year.  What a wonderful day for them! SDS has been a supporter all  these years, we truly appreciate.

2013 some new faces but still having fun, and bringing a wonderful spirit to the tournament.  In 2014 they made it to the semis! 2015 they managed to recruit for the changed date and showed up to play. Very grateful.  2016 they will be back with some recruits. 2017 they gave their all and made it to the championship game, it was a nail bitter — extra innings and unfortunately they lost by 1 run.

Here’s to 2018.