Number Crushers

Brand new team in 2011, and what a smash they were.  Went all the way to the finals, first time out.  This team is sponsored by ParenteBeard, now Baker Tilly, with a number of softball players and accountants playing on the team.  They came prepared to play and now can taste the chance of being victorious.

Some History ….After a great start in 2011, it looked like 2012 may just be their year, but that did not happen. They played some great games but did not advance to semis.  Greg Christman the Captain of this team, is truly motivated and very supportive, who knows maybe 2013 will be their lucky number — they are ‘numbers’ people!

2013 they had a tough division, with Greg Harp working together with Greg Christman, the two Greg’s were hoping to pull off some wins.  Experienced players, great sports and contributors to the overall success of the tournament glad they are part of the tournament. 2014 Matt Koncz took over the Co Captain with Greg Christman, good year but not quite into the semis.  2015 Matt did a great job putting a team together and working with some scholarship winners to fill the roster.  They are back for 2016 and will be swinging for the fences!

Matt and Greg now have some additional help, with Bryn and Matthew Williams on board, they got the color of t-shirt that was highly coveted — 2017 could be exciting.