Green Hills

Green Hills,  are one of the original 4 teams, captained by Adam Moldavan with support and co captains over the last couple of years. Currently captained by Matt Goff.  Green Hills’ lineup is filled from top to bottom with extremely close friend’s of Justin’s.  You could find many of their members causing trouble in the Sheftel’s neighborhood in earlier years.  Elliot usually plays with them because his team is out of the running, but in 2010 it was reversed and he had to recruit some of their players for playoffs!  They bring a lot of fun to the tournament, and have introduced Yoga as a pre-game ritual.  It has been working to their advantage, so look for the boys in green stretching out in a downward facing dog.

Some History…. Green Hills took the trophy in the second annual tournament — 2006, made an exciting run through the tournament,  winning a lot of games by narrow margins.  In 2007 they worked  hard to defend their crown and played some great games, but they came up empty. In  2008 it was another exciting year for the team in green and they played hard, but the trophy wouldn’t be theirs. Big E, Mr. Elliot Sheftel,  played with them this year and hit a homerun, one for his son.

2009 they were back and continued to play hard in hopes of bringing another trophy back to the Hills.  With Matt Goff heading the team they continually provide a lot of great memories for the tournament competing with their friends. Next year with Matt away (he will be back), Robin and Mike Lachtman helped out with the co captaining for 2010, and they went to the play offs. Once again El put on the green shirt and  tried to help them to the finals. They did not make it but look for power threat Matt Levine, rumors have it he’s been tearing the cover off the ball in the west coast leagues. They have always been in the hunt,  2013 they once again came in with their green and played well. Running the HRD and almost winning with Ian.  Good luck to you for 2014 they went to the semis again, El donned the T-shirt and played.  They did not advance, see what they do in 2015.

In 2015, they did make the semis and El again donned the shirt to play, what a great team, they have fun and enjoy the day. 2016, no semi’s for the team, they have a lot of little “Green Hills” babies running around, and more added this year.  Good luck to them for 2018.