Rules of the Game

Softball Tournament
Saturday June 17th

Each team will start first game, first inning without a first baseman…this is our way to honor Justin.

Play 6 innings or 65 minutes, division play, division winner advances to semis, then to finals.
> Everyone bats, whether they play or not, continuous line up within the game bat in order based on the lineup for that game. Not DHs no subbing (including runners except for physical reason/injury) into batting line up, new person plays at end of line up for that game.
> No consecutive walks; no more than two walks per inning, (Pitcher not throwing strikes, will be given a warning by Ump/Field Manager — continues will ask Captain to sub).
> No bunting, stealing, or leading.
> Slow Pitch with 6-10′ arch. Each at bat starts with one strike and one ball. 
> Forfeit after 15 minutes if team not ready to play.
> Two home runs per inning, home run after the two will become a single
> Total of 10 players in the field if COED if not then 9 players. 
> Score and strike zones will include both the Orange plate extension mat and plate.
> Foul ball on 3rd strike is a strike out.
> Leaving base early before batter makes contact is an out.  One warning per game. 
> No metal cleats, will not play.                                                                                                              > Confirm score after each inning.   
> Tie break for division play: 1. Head to Head, 2. Run differential (7 runs max. per game), 3. Fewest runs allowed, 4. Coin toss.
> Use ONLY wood bats for the Men’s games (provided on the field)  — Women can use aluminum bats.