Code of Conduct

Softball Tournament
Saturday June 17th

In 2007 we presented two scholarships for $5,000 to two highly qualified and deserving seniors.

Alex Ullman one of Justin’s childhood friends presented the award. He coined a phrase ‘What Would Justin Do’ or WWJD, this player code of conduct embraces that thought.

A small excerpt from his speech: “The Justin Sheftel Memorial Scholarship rewards those individuals who have the humility to be a team player, and yet possess the passion to keep on going even when the best is out there playing. It rewards the ones who might be rendered invisible when only the best of the best are considered on paper, but who in reality, have just as much personal drive as the greatest who ever played.”
The Player Code of Conduct is fairly simple:

> Be a “team player”.
> Support the effort to honor Justin and remember him on this day.
> Act with respect toward the umpires, volunteers and opposing players.
> Appropriate language should be used at all times.
> Think with the idea ‘WWJD’.
> NO consumption of alcohol or drugs, on or off school premises during the tournament, no tobacco products on school property.
> Have a tons of fun, play hard, and bring a great spirit to the game.