Memorial Fund Board

Mission Statement

To celebrate Justin by providing athletic and educational opportunities for underserved youth in the greater Lehigh Valley.

Some Background:  Last year we started a Memorial Fund Board, with the intent to manage the fund, define and determine our future. There are fourteen board members, made up of sponsors, volunteers, and friends of Justin. The last months of 2018 our focus was to build infrastructure and establish a strategy. The board working with a facilitator developed our mission statement, and defined key objectives for 2019. Developing the mission enabled the board to focus on “who we are” and “what do we do”.   Four committees were also formed, governance, finance, event planning and marketing.

Another key outcome was  a general understanding there was a need to tell our story so we could reach a wider audience, who does not know the history of the fund or the tournament.  We are pursuing development of videos to “tell our story” to be used for marketing.

Moving closer to the tournament date, planning for the tournament will be included as a focal point.

Board Members:

Elsbeth Haymon, Joshua Hermann, Ian Finestein, Adam Jaindl, Mike Lackman, Adam Moldavan, Ty Morrell, Eric Roberts, Lynn Schiavone, Ryan Schmidt, Elliot Sheftel, Linda Sheftel, Darryl Shellhammer, Kyle Zinkler

Contact Info:


3632 Oakwood Trail
Allentown, Pennsylvania



Hot line:

610-351-5900 Ext: 45873 (updated tournament info and weather)


Name: Position: Email:
Linda Sheftel Justin’s Mother
Elliot Sheftel Justin’s Father
Eric Roberts Tournament Coordinator


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