Almost Heaven

This team is so wonderful, every year they show up and just have a ton of fun, I love to see them all and how they have matured and grown up to really outstanding young women.  Liz Dotter continues to be a wonderful captain and manages to keep the spirits high.

Some History, this was the first women’s team starting in 2006, with Liz Dotter as the Captain, that year we added a lot of the ‘pretty cute’ factor to the tournament. They bring so much class, fun and high energy to the field it is a thrill to watch them in action.  All Justin’s friends — how fortunate he was to have these women in his circle.

In 2009 with two divisions they changed their colors went to a brighter color, most of the original team was here, and they played in the rain and mud, big smiles and muddy shirts all around.  Close games — lot of slipping and sliding.  They have earned their stripes by playing solo in 2006 and then along side with the Biddies in 2007,  against the guys.  Truly honored to have them in the tournament.
The tie dyed shirts were a hit in 2011, but they were perfected in 2012, and have sparked an interest to offer tye dying as a kids and adult activity.  If you can’t play you need to look good and these young women all look great!  In 2013 they won their first game, could they be in the playoffs in 2014?? You might have catch them performing on the field between games, they did some great handstands. Next year tye dye socks too please!
They continue to have fun, and amaze everyone, in 2013 they went with tank tops to bring a little fashion to the tournament.  They continued to make their fashion statements in 2014.  We were sorry to have miss the tournament due to the date change in 2015, but they are back for 2016!

2016 was their year they finally won one game — are they on a roll for 2017?