Women’s Divisions and Schedule

The women’s involvement in the tournament has been fun to watch and what spirit they bring to the tournament, not to mention the ‘cute to watch factor’.

2020 Pics

We started with one team — Almost Heaven — captained by Liz Dotter, the team consisted of a lot of Justin’s friends he grew up with over the years.  What a great team, they played against the Men for the first two years and came out, had fun, and played with a lot of heart.

In 2008 we added some women’s teams so Almost Heaven could compete on an equal field.  The Hot Mama’s, Biddies and Dancin’ Divas made up the women’s division.  Dancin’ Divas won the trophy, Captained by Kim Shade and comprised of Sasha’s Dancin’ Buddies.

2009 was another growth year for this division, with two more teams added, Racquet Friends (Linda Sheftel’s friends from Tennis/Paddle/stuff), Captained by Ann Vaughan, and the Home Girls a team of Justin’s friends, Captained by Andrea Nuschke.

In 2009 Racquet Friends won, they then went back to back to win 2010, and changed their name to the “Returning Champ-Hens”.  2011 things changed up and the “Home Girls” took home the trophy.  It was an exciting and close game. In 2012 we had another new winner, the Hot Mamas prevailed, they have been vying for the trophy for years. In 2013 a new team the Diamond Gals won the trophy, playing very well with a lot of humility, and laughter. They repeated in 2014, see what happens this year come and watch. In 2015 we had a new winner, the Dirty Divas took home the trophy, they played with a lot of spirit and had fun.

2016 the Diamond Gals prevailed again and brought home the trophy, Captained by Rebecca Hahn, this team is has fun and is a true “good sport”.

In 2020 with four Women’s Teams, Home Girls 2.0 Captained by Melissa Weinstein took home the trophy. They had a great coach, and mascot!

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