Team America

Textile Team (2007-2010)–This is a wild and crazy group!   The team started as  friends  who had  graduated from Textile school. Scott Delin originally lead this team that brought a lot of fun and spirit to the tournament.  They had a blast in 2007, and 2008 was more of the same. Their annual  party and golf outing before the tournament may have been too much.

Some History … In 2010 Larrie Sheftel – Justin’s uncle took over the team to co captain with Kale Sweeney (2008 Scholarship Winner).  Kale brought his ‘homies’ and a lot of power, strength and young legs to the team.

In 2011 Kale Sweeney took over the team and brought younger bodies to play! They played well, changed the name to Team America, we are thrilled they came back adding a younger group to the division.  Well what a year this team had in 2012, Kale brought his ‘home guys’ and they proved to be ready to play and go all the way.  They lost a really tough game in the finals, it was a back and forth game — they played 9 innings, with a lot of guts, heart, and energy.

2013 they were still in the hunt, but did not move to the semi’s.  Their division was stacked with the good teams so they lost to the Winners of 2012 and subsequently to the 2013 Champions.  In 2014 we had a replay of the 2102 tournament, going head to head with the Young Ones, came up short, but 2015 they should be big contender.

2015 was their year, they walked away with the trophy and a lot of pride — worked hard to win, Captain Kale Sweeney, Co Captain Matt Fritz — very happy that day. They repeated in 2016, with a great game beating the Lucky 7’s.  Kale and Matt co captain, and bring a lot of enthusiasm to the game. They won again in 2017 a very close game went to extra innings!