Sheftel Family


The Family –One of the original 2005 teams, Captain Elliot Sheftel (Justin’s Dad) is constantly recruiting for this team, no longer a true family team, we feel like everyone on this team is family, thank you so much. A lot of love, enthusiasm and excitement keep  alive El’s dream to win one day.  They continue to play with a lot of heart and determination, have come close a couple of years.

Some History… In 2009 they had some very competitive games, close to winning the division.  2010 was a close one for this team, of course they will be back with another team and some new guys aka ‘ringers’. Yes they did come back and in 2011 they actually went to the playoffs for the first time. Elliot was recruiting because a number of players had to leave — not thinking they would make it to the 4th game.  Green Hills obliged as did older brother Larrie, they played well. Well they did have fun in 2012, some injuries, and we can tell the group is getting older, and maybe a little slower!  They had some great games and missed opportunities.  Captain, Elliot — actually hit an in park home run, sliding face first into home.  What a Dad.  They did not advance but had some very close games, hopefully it will go well — i.e. no injuries in 2014. They survived 2014 with no injuries and had some close games, some were surprised at how little the body recovers. 2015 should prove to be a lot of fun.

Elliot loves this tournament and every year he feels the pain more as does most of his team.  This is a true testament of love, from Elliot and all his friends, I (Linda) feel so grateful and touched by their continued support of Elliot. We can only hope he recruits some younger players in 2018 to help with running!