Class of ’04

Class of ’04 – The ‘older’ friends of Justin were introduced to the tournament in 2007 and they took it by storm. Captained by Brett Kressge, we are very happy to have a team of friends from the class of 2004, graduates  a year ahead of Justin. They may be older, but  does that mean they are that much smarter than the “young punks” on the other teams? They play great fundamental ball and are always a treat to watch.

Some History…. They were a big surprise in 2007 for their first year out they did very well. 2008, they provided more of the same and produced some exciting softball action. However, those two years were simply a warmup for this team. They took the 2009 tournament and 2010 they repeated, first time for a team to repeat.  2011 proved to be a little tougher, they did not make to the play offs, but promised that 2012 will be a different story. In 2012 we did not  have the guys in yellow, they changed their colors, and we wonder did that effect their play.  They are the older team, so maybe the age has caught up to them!   2013 with the random draw, Captain Brett Kressge predicted correctly, they were in a division with all previous winners, tough play and tough division.  They always play hard and it is wonderful to see them in the tournament.  Look for some good softball and hopefully a good draw in 2015.

Brett Kresge and his players have always been there and supported, played and won a few, back in 2016, looking forward to see how they do.

They played well, getting a bit older, will be here for 2017.