The Biddies

This is another team with a huge cute factor and some wonderful young women playing. They have been so supportive of us and particularly Sasha over the years words can not express how much we enjoy them being here and playing. They always play with their hearts and really want to WIN.

Some History…. Team was started in 2007 all GirlFriends of Sasha, played with Almost Heaven in the Men’s Division, they have been here a long time. In 2008 when the women’s division was formed, they almost made it to the playoffs, close games.  2009 playing in the rain, smiling the whole time, muddy and laughing. 2010 girls are heading on in different directions but still come back for the tournament.  Zink is doing a great job as Captain, thank to all of you for coming.

‘Zink’ continues to bring the girls for fun.  2013 was their year and they went to the playoffs, against a very strong but friendly team.  The game was played well, girls had fun, will they repeat this year? They did repeat and had more fun in the championship, the Diamond Gals are a very skilled team, but “Zink” kept them smiling on the field and off. Played in 2015, with a smaller group — these girls manage to stay together and lean on each other. They are returning in 2016.