Diamond Gals

Diamond Gals, the name says it all — Diamonds are strong, tough and beautiful.  This team is captained by Rebecca DeJulio, a teacher at Trexler Middle School.  The Memorial Fund has over the last 3 years participated in supporting the Allentown School District and its baseball program for the middle schools, so we are really pleased to have a team representing the district. It wasn’t much of a surprise, they were very talented and played well, with grace and humility.  Glad they are in the tournament. Will be back next year, with twins supporting the Captain! The twins came and cheered on the team from their stroller, they are a repeat winner and will be back for 2015.

The twins came dressed in t-shirts from the team, they are the team mascots! They repeated in 2016, skipped 2015.  Twins are now participating by running around and enjoying the tournament. Great group.