Dirty Divas

Dancin’ Divas, has changed their name to “Dirty Divas” they have been a wonderful addition to the tournament, Captained by Kim Shade and Nancy Khan, and now the torch has been passed to  Kristie Gerstenberg and Amy Quartuccio. They has assembled a great looking team, thank you for Captaining and wishing a lot of ‘good luck and have fun’!

Well guess what they won — they are the new Women’s Champions.  Coming back in 2016 to defend their title!

They are back with Kristie and Amy back in the line up. They could be competitive in 2017.


Some History…. A new team to the tournament in 2008, Dancin Diva’s team comes from Justin’s Sister’s  (Sasha’s) Dancing Studio. She took lessons there for 15 years, a long time, and this team has a number of her fellow students, and teachers from those years.  They were very competitive in 2008 and won the first Women’s Championship?  Every year while challenging they play well, are great sports and have a good time.  Nancy has been recruiting so 2014 may be a good year from them.  We appreciate their continued participation and support. Nancy did a great job recruiting and again they played well, had a good time.  In 2015 we will have two new Captains to carry the team on! Welcome to the new players and Captains.