Team Swagger

Team Swagger was a new team in 2008. Chris Morrell and his players brought a lot of talent and many thought they would be in the playoffs. This team is made up of ‘older’ Parkland graduates  and some other wildcard players.  This team packs plenty of “pop” so find a place behind the fence to grab some home run balls.

Some History….

In 2009 they played well but more importantly looked the best in their blue tshirts.  Win or lose, everyone loves watching them play.  They provide the men’s division with the fashion sense it most desperately needs.

In 2012 the switch to the blue shirt did not bring them luck but they played well in tough division with the Champions for 2012.  Chris always brings a smile, sense of commitment and lots of great energy.  The Morrel family has been totally supportive all these years.

In 2013  Team Swagger did put more swagger in their game — they were in the playoffs  but could not pull it out when they met up with the returning Champion, must have lost some of that swagger. 2014 they had a lot fun!

In 2015 once again they reached the semis, played hard early in the game and think their swagger left them towards the end.  Always a contender and great job by Chris Morrell as Captain.

Back in 2016. 2016, they did not make the semi’s — see what happens in 2017.