Class of ’07

Jordan Sheftel — Justin’s cousin — is the Captain for this new team in 2008, Class of ’07.  He stole some players from Marc Schmidt’s very successful Fernlot team, and then added a few from this year’s class.  This team should be in the running — have some experience.

Some History… In 2009 Captain Jordan Sheftel said it was the most fun ever; this was the year of the mud bath!  They enjoyed the rain, mud and very wet fields! What a team, lot of positive energy.

2010, they will be back to play, however Captain Jordan said their although they are ready to play, they will play only if it rained!  We hope for a sunny day! What fun they had  — even though it was sunny.  Sasha said she is now going to work with Jordan to recruit and train his players, this should be good. 2011 they played without the rain and plenty of sunshine. 2012 the team was back and without their traditional black t shirts, his Auntie requested another color — he picked ‘olive’ so the team is still low on the color creativity but high on fun.  They persevered, played with a lot of heart, Jordy does a great job Captaining with all his other work.  Love you Jordy!  2013 with Jordan out of the country Dan Temprine co-captained for him, he did a great job,  Jordan was able to join the team for moral support.  They came and played for fun, 2015 Iffy will be captaining, we hope Jordan will come back.