Our Mission: To celebrate Justin by providing athletic and educational opportunities for underserved youth in the greater Lehigh Valley.


This year we are adding some activities for the day, come out and participate, or be a fan and cheer your team on.

One of the highlights this year will be the All Star Baseball Clinic, sponsored by St. Luke’s University Health Network and Justin Sheftel Memorial Fund.  We will have  Steve Carlton and “star” local baseball players participating with well known coaches and players from the Lehigh Valley. The clinic is for the middle and high school players, and free for players associated with a non-profit, school or Little League organization. For more information to sign up, and on the clinic see the tabs below:

For details: Baseball Clinic Flyer_2019  

For more information, contact Stephenie Stark  —

A Consent Form is required, please complete and bring to the clinic: ConsentForm

“Buzzed Driving Simulation”

New for 2019 is a drunk driving simulation course sponsored by Vinart dealerships in partnership with Buckle Up PA and the Highway Safety Network. Participants will have the opportunity to experience impaired driving first-hand.

Through a pair of “drunk goggles”, participants will drive golf carts around a series of cones. The driver will lose depth perception, vision will be impaired as well as their balance. A police officer will accompany them in the passenger seat and talk to them during the driving course. Drivers will be able to interact and explain what they are feeling and why.

Participants can also wear the goggles to play a bean bag toss game to provide them with another perspective. The Lehigh Valley DUI/Highway Safety Task Force trailer will be on display with an information booth as well.


For the Kiddies and Adults having  fun… we have Tie Dying, Face Painting with glitter tattoos and henna, Photo Booth,  and a Caricature.  Have fun getting your picture taken or drawn, then paint your face!







We felt we have a perfect venue to provide some extra support to Allentown School District DRIVE program and to BikeWorks.  We are asking you to clean out your garages, basements, and closets, to find old, used bikes and slightly used baseball equipment. The bikes will be refurbished and the baseball equipment used by the players.

The flyers below will provide more info:








We are excited to share our history over the past 15 years, how we have honored Justin and impacted our community, please take a moment to listen: